Venue Review: ‘Massage Therapy @ Wellbeing Medical Centre”

*This is not a paid post! 100% honest & genuine review*

I have never been overly crazy about getting a body massage which is kind of funny that I am writing about massage therapy. Usually, I would much rather opt to have a treatment that actually ‘works’ on my body rather than just relaxing it with a temporary fix (mani/pedi, moroccan bath). Are you the same?

Except, seeing Junalyn was very much a healing process.

I have been three times now to see Junalyn (a registered massage therapist) at the Wellbeing Medical Centre. This is the second type of treatment I am reviewing for the clinic (you can read previous my Ultraformer review here).

In my eyes, I see Junalyn as a doctor.  It was such a treat to be worked on by her. She really helped me. The major key is that she made me realize I am really unwell. Without her I would not have been diagnosed.

Before I delve into the treatment I want to take a second to highlight the facility. The treatment room is not “fancy”. It could really do with some sprucing up: more lush towels, a better area for changing/hanging your clothes, mood lighting etc. But the proof is in the pudding.


I was instructed to undress and put my clothes away (I do wish they would create a space to hang clothing up). By the way, you keep your undergarments on (phew!). I then lay on a massage bed with a towel (which really should be replaced or put in a dryer to soften it up!) and waited for Junalyn to begin the treatment. The treatment lasts for one hour. Junalyn uses a natural medical oil throughout the course of the massage.

She has magic hands (I swear). Simply with the touch of her hands she can tell you straight away what is “wrong” with you. All my aches are pains were immediately pin pointed. Almost like a psychic! She also told me I suffered from water retention which is not common at all for my age. That’s when she recommended I see a doctor. She kept going over my stomach and saying there was something wrong with my colon. But I was sure it was my kidneys!

  • For the first treatment she worked on areas where I had a lot of stress and tension. It was not exactly ‘relaxing’ as I found it slightly painful having my back and neck pressed and pulled (although it was nice to have time alone without the kids around-so that was relaxing hehe). By the next day I felt like a 5 year old gymnast! I was more flexible and felt a kind of tension relief throughout my body. No pain, no gain right? Very true!
  • The second treatment was when she noted the water retention and problematic stomach of mine. Sure enough, I went to see a doctor after the appointment. I had an ultrasound on my kidneys + urine test and all came back clear! You know what it is…My irritable bowel syndrome! It went into remission for the last 10 years and is back with a vengeance! And yes, Junalyn was RIGHT! Any other IBS Mom’s out there? It is so annoying having it! If you don’t know what IBS is, it’s constantly having this bloating feeling in your stomach and some days it can look very puffy like you have a gunt (google that if you don’t know what one is, gross!) I also have very, VERY bad cramping. I am praying I can figure out a way to manage it. It was so bad when I was a teenager that I had to go on medication, one of the side effects of the medicine was that it made me blind for a day! Yeah that was SCARY! By the time I was about 20, it was totally gone, it was the strangest thing. And now look, I’m 30 and this darn IBS is back!
  • The third treatment, she re worked my back but it had already significantly improved from the first treatment. This time it was far more relaxing and less painful! She also massaged my water retention areas (better but still not 100%)

When I had the second and third treatment of lymphatic drainageage, I would weigh myself the following day. Both times I was 1kg lighter! I must have been able to pass all the toxins/water out of my body. That made me feel so much better & lighter in my painful bloated stomach area.

If possible, I think it’s a good idea to book yourself for a minimum of 2 + treatments. This way you can experience the potential of Junalyn and her special ‘magical healing powers’ on your body.

Junalyn does a variety of massages:

  1. Therapeutic massage for chronic pain (especially in back)
  2. Sports massage
  3. Reflexology on body for more ‘relaxation’
  4. Deep tissue massage for those who suffer from tension

She told me she customizes her technique for each patient. It really depends on their body/needs/individual lifestyle.

To book your appointment:

Wellbeing Medical Centre is located in Jumeirah 3, Umm Suqueim 2 opposite of J3 Mall and just a few minutes away from Interchange 3 on Sheikh Zayed Road and Mall of the Emirates. 

T. 043484406



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