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Ruby & Nate have been patients of Dr. Medhat at My Pedia Clinic (almost since the time he first opened his doors). My children feel so comfortable being seen by him. I like that I never feel ridiculous if ask too many questions, in fact he always makes me feel at ease and I trust his expert opinion (not an easy thing to find in Dubai).


When Dr Medhat informed me that he would soon be opening a pediatric dental clinic I was so thrilled. Not only could my children visit him for regular check ups + see Mirna the nutritionist; now they could get their teeth checked + cleaned!

Ruby & Nate have already built such a solid & trustworthy relationship with Dr Medhat. Having a dentist located in the same space would remove any phobia and fear in them since they are already so comfortable in his clinic!

Dr Yasmin is the pediatric dentist. She has a very new approach to getting her little patients settled. Instead of cramming all the treatments in at once and putting absolute fear in them, she does things in “baby steps”.

The first appointment we had with her was to familiarize the children with Dr Yasmin and the dental clinic. We arrived at My Pedia Clinic (located in Healthcare City Al Razi Building,
No. 64) and sat in the waiting room. One of the nurses came out to see Ruby & Nate and brought their little mascot out. The children showed her how they brush their teeth and that really helped to break the ice.


Shortly after, the lovely Dr Yasmin came out to greet the children and bring them into her office. Nate was shaking like a scaredy cat. This had started during the car ride over… He was not interested in getting his teeth checked! All I could think of was…OH NO! How is this ever going to work!

Sure enough, it did!

The office is so nice. Very simple + inviting, with all the latest technology. One TV screen in front of the child’s seat and one on the ceiling. The nurse asked Ruby what she would like to watch and set it all up for her. Dr Yasmin handed Ruby a small teddy to hold.


First up was Ruby’s consultation. Dr Yasmin had a quick look inside her mouth, counted all her teeth, checked for cavities and all that dentistry stuff! She used a special camera to look at her teeth which was able to show us where she needs help brushing and what areas have plaque. In total, it took about 20 minutes per child (if I remember correctly).


Once her mini check up was done she was able to choose some “gifts” from the prize basket. Ruby picked out a few stickers and a ring.


While Ruby sat patiently waiting for her brother Nate, Dr Yasmin shard some “doodle cards” which kept her busy.


Nate was now ready to be seen! He was still nervous and shy, but that quickly disappeared with Dr Yasmin’s charm and wit (and a little help from Peppa Pig!)


To make him feel even MORE comfortable, she had Ruby dress up as a dentist and have a look inside Nate’s mouth (he later did the same on Ruby).


The visit turned out to be such a fun experience for both of them and most importantly, we were able to gather information on their teeth! Dr Yasmin removed the scary dentist stigma out of the children’s minds and I think has set them up for a future of not being afraid of visiting the dentist! I am so grateful!


During our chat, Dr Yasmin told me that Ruby suffers from MIH (which I had NO idea she had). She is such a thorough dentist and a real perfectionist. I am so happy my kids had the chance to have their smile checked by her!

“Molar incisor hypomineralisation (MIH) is a tooth condition where enamel and dentine (the outer and middle layers of the tooth) are softer than normal. This can lead to dental decay. MIH is not usually noticed until the adult incisors (front teeth) or molars (back teeth) come into the mouth around age six to seven years. It can sometimes affect the back baby molar teeth and in these cases can be seen in the mouth from two to three years of age onward. One, some, or all of the first adult molars, adult incisors and sometimes the adult canines can be affected. Around one in five people in the UK have the condition in one form or another. Some people may have a mild form and not realize it. It is thought to be caused by a disturbance in tooth development around the time of birth or in the first few years of life. The cause of it is not fully understood although severe childhood illnesses, high fevers, or a traumatic birth period have all been suggested as possible causes.”

I had a very stressful pregnancy with Ruby (family members passing away, a very bad car accident and more). She also had a near death experience as a baby (Rotavirus) along with an awful birth. So perhaps these incidences could explain her MIH?

We ended the appointment with a plan on how we will tackle some of the issues. For one, both the children needed their teeth cleaned + fluoride application. Ruby needed an X-ray as she has lost three bottom teeth, but only two have come out. Plus some of her back teeth needed coating and work done on them from the MIH. We would also discuss at our next appointment how to properly brush their teeth, what toothpaste to use etc.

The children left their appointment feeling happy and sort of relieved that they didn’t have to have anything else done on them! In Ruby’s very OWN words she told me “Dr Yasmin is NICE and makes me feel CALM”. Isn’t that exactly what a parent wants to hear!

Fast forward to two weeks later!

Teeth cleaning time!

By now, both the children knew Dr Yasmin, so it was an easy process getting them into the clinic and in to the dentist chair! They were happy to see her and complied with her straight away!


Ruby hopped into the chair, put on a bib, some shades, and was ready to go! Dr Yasmin recommended trying “laughing gas” to make the experience even more pleasant for them. Which I must say, really did help. The cleaning was done and over with in about 30 minutes and their teeth looked FANTASTIC! The cleanest I have EVER seen them! Not one single tear was shed and they were both in great spirits! How often does that happen at the dentist office!


After the cleaning, she let them choose their prizes (they were happy about that).

We then discussed a plan on how I should brush their teeth.

For sure x2 per day! I was previously using an all natural toothpaste, I thought fluoride was dangerous for the kids! But I learnt they really need it for their teeth to be strong and to fight off cavities. She recommended Sensodyne, so I was quick to accept the change. Nothing worse than a mouth full of cavities and yellow teeth. Imagine how that could tarnish a child’s confidence!

Dr Yasmin was happy with the electric toothbrushes we have at home and showed me how to brush each part of the tooth (one by one) for 3 seconds each. This ensures that every tooth gets a really good clean! Easy as pie!

I also need to be the one cleaning BOTH of the children’s teeth for another few years. Even though Ruby is 6, she is still not able to properly get into all the grooves on her teeth.

Another interesting fact I learnt, is that I should not give Ruby her mouth wash at bedtime, I should do it when she get’s home from school (gives added fluoride). If she does it after brushing her teeth, it will actually remove that special coating from the toothpaste which defeats in a way, the purpose of brushing!

Since our visit, I never had to argue or get upset with the kids about brushing. They are happy to do it and I’m sure it’s because of how Dr Yasmin approached the talk on “sugar bugs”.

Ruby is less interested in sweets now too (YAY!). Dr Yasmin suggested if the kids go to a party and over indulge in candy one day, that once they arrive home to give them cheese and raw vegetables. It helps to counteract on any of the “sugar bugs” growing.

Thank you for SUCH a WONDERFUL experience My Pedia Clinic & Dr Yasmin!

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