Venue Review: Nate’s 4th (Hatchimals) Birthday Party @Ella’s Creamery

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

I had been following Ella’s Creamery on Instagram for months and always oohed and ahhed over their milkshakes and pretty pictures!

When I discovered they host children’s parties I knew it would be the perfect place for Nate’s 4th birthday (he LOVES ice cream).

It was a rather simple process.

The package looks like this (the first option)

flyer design1

I had to tell them what type of cake Nate wanted and they organized the rest! Can you guess what he asked for? Keep reading to find out!

Last year I went all out for Nate’s 3rd birthday party at home {HERE} and this year I wanted to have zero stress! Therefor opted to have it at a venue instead of at home!

I went onto trusty Etsy to order his party invites {here}! How perfect and cute, right?


I then had them printed in Airport Freezone at my FAV print shop {HERE}. Even if I have to drive far to get them done two times a year (once for Ruby & once for Nate) it is SO worth it! The quality is outstanding! Ask for Ferdinand, he’s a superstar! (FYI I was not paid to write this, in fact Digital World doesn’t even know I have posted this!)

Invites were personally delivered about 10 days prior to the party. I kept the numbers small this time around. 10 children to be exact!

Nate’s party outfit was quite simple but really cute! My favorite detail was his red bow tie that he absolutely HAD to wear! I wish I could remember where I got it from…he has a collection of them and likes to wear one on special occasions. I THINK I ordered it from The Baby Boutique a few years ago.  His lightweight dress shirt and denim shorts were from GOCCO. And his super comfy and cool shoes from Clarks Kids (they have a massive sale on at the moment, worth checking out!). As I am writing this post a week after his party, I want to warn you if you buy the same Clarks shoes for your son, please make sure to apply the ‘protector’ spray prior to wearing them. Nate’s are ruined after 3 wears (I didn’t apply it/wasn’t informed by the staff) 🙁


We arrived at the party just in time (thank goodness as we were running late that day). It was sweltering HOT (April 14). We parked our car at Dubai Parks & Resorts and took a short shuttle bus to Riverland (parking is 20 AED FYI). The kids really enjoyed this part and one of the parents said “Oh this is nice! Feels like we are on holiday”.


We got off at the Riverland station and walked over to Ella’s with a pinata in hand and 10 goodie bags (thank goodness we didn’t have to take care of the rest! ie. a cake, that would have been disastrous in the heat).

When we arrived at Ella’s, everything was set up and ready to go. In the back area was the milkshake station. They had also decorated a large table in the middle for where the kids would later have birthday cake.


The milkshake workshop took between 20-30 minutes. Just as the children were finishing up, Jade from Studio 77 arrived to snap some pictures! What a treat! Click {HERE} to read about their party package deals! She stayed for 1 hour. It was the first time I had ever given a professional photographer the task of being in charge of taking photos at my child’s party! I would definitely do it again. Took so much pressure and stress off of me!


The staff at Ella’s were helpful (3 in total) and worked closely with the children to decorate the Hatchimals inspired milkshakes. They didn’t turn out as fancy as the ones pictured online but it was kids making them after all! I know, I am critical/a perfectionist! The children filled little plastic eggs with sweets and cotton candy, decorated large marshmallows as birds, covered the inside of their cups with chocolate sauce and then decorated the outside of the cup with icing sugar and sprinkles. Once they were finished decorating, the staff filled their plastic cups with a purple milkshake concoction which the kids told me tasted of bubble gum/blueberry. It was a fun idea and I liked that they incorporated the theme of his birthday cake (Hatchimals) into the rest of his party. One little suggestion from me, would be that since the children were all above 4 years I would have liked to see them use the traditional glass cups for that extra vintage/fancy wow factor.

The parents were invited to sit down and “relax”. Have a coffee (included in package) and chit chat. We ordered a few plates of quesadilla’s from the restaurant next door for them to snack on which Ella’s was really nice about.

After the milkshake activity, the kids went outside and the staff organized some games for them to play.


Nate was instructed to hide plastic eggs (again Hatchimals theme) and then the kids had to look for them. Once they found them, they had to sit in a circle and open them up. Some had silly things written inside like “jump like a frog” others had little mini toys.


I began to get worried about the heat and children running around (trust me it was HOT). I can’t remember last April being SO hot at Nate’s 3rd birthday party!


We went back inside Ella’s to cool down. Sadly the AC was broken…really bad luck for us (these type of things always seem to happen to me, ugh!). It was hot outside and also hot inside (although not as hot as outside). It’s really a shame that the AC was not working as it did affect the atmosphere of the party. The staff were so accommodating though and did the best they could to make it enjoyable for everyone. It was completely out of their hands as it was an issue with the park so I was not angry.

I do wish they would have kept the milkshakes out for the children a bit longer though. When the kids came back from outside, they wanted a cold drink but the staff had already cleared them.

We brought a pinata with us that I filled with only a few candies (I knew they would be making the milkshake so I didn’t want to overload them on sweets). The rest of the pinata was filled with little blind bags (Tsum Tsum’s Mystery Stack Packs). The kids loved opening them up and comparing with their friends!


We then had everyone sit down and it was time for cake! The cake was SPECTACULAR!


Simply amazing how they made it!


I was so nervous to cut the Hatchimals (it was just too beautiful) and decided to serve the small shell cake (pictured on the bottom left).


Which was silly of me as that part was more for decoration and filled with lot’s of buttercream icing (I didn’t know). We later cut the bird and that part of the cake was much tastier! Your typical thin layers of chocolate cake and icing. We have had leftover cake for a week! I can’t believe how much work was involved in making it! Very impressed!


The party table!


After the cake, Nate handed out his goodie bags. The boys each got a Nurf gun + kite, the girls were given a Shopkins chalk set & Squinkies.


The party was short and sweet. Lasted exactly 1.5 hours. I was a little confused why ice cream was not offered to the kids (maybe something to do with the AC?). I think it would have been a nice treat for the kids to have either before or after the cake, especially since it was so warm and part of the birthday party package.


I was incredibly grateful to have Jade from Studio 77 there. What a difference it made for me (I still took a few of my own though because I am OCD like that hehe). Thank you for capturing all the special moments while I tried to enjoy myself (I was in a bit of a state over the AC and panicked that the kids + adults would be over heated but thankfully we all survived!).

Thank you VERY much Ella’s Creamery for a super sweet party!

Visit Ella’s


Studio 77 (formerly known as “Picture People”)

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