Rock, Paper, Scissors: “Hair Pompoms”

Pompoms are one of this years hottest trends!

You can find them on everything from tops, sandals, handbags and more!

I especially love them in HAIR (pigtails) So cute!

Here is an easy and inexpensive tutorial to make your very own!

What you Need:

  • Yarn
  • Thin but sturdy cardboard
  • Pen or marker
  • Scissors
  • Small cup
  • A medium sized coin
  • Elastic


  1. Trace and cut out two circles using a glass as a template
  2. Place a medium sized coin in the center of your circle template. Trace and cut out
  3. Trace this template onto the other circle template to create an exact replica
  4. Start wrapping yarn around the two templates which are sandwiched together
  5. If you want a fluffy pompom then go over the template a minimum of three (I recommend more) times
  6. Once you are finished, cut off the yarn leaving a small tail
  7. Cut a new piece of yarn roughly 5 inches long
  8. Place your scissors in between the two templates and start cutting through the center of your yarn
  9. Take the 5 inch piece of yarn and place it in between the cardboard and tie off tightly. Wrap the yarn a second time around and make another double knot
  10. Remove pompom from the cardboard template
  11. Trim off any excess yarn
  12. Cut a 3 inch piece of elastic (or the length of your choice)
  13. Feed the elastic through the center of your pompom and tie it off tightly

STEPS 1-3:

STEPS 4-8:

 STEPS 9-11:

 STEPS 12-13:

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