Fun Find: Guess Kids Back To School!

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The countdown is on! Slowly the expat community is trickling back into the desert, gearing up for a new school year!

We checked out the new Guess Back To School range just the other week and we are here to share it with you! They also have a great offer on! Shop the back to school range and get a free backpack (until September 9th, 2017) !

GUESS Back To School A1 Poster3-02 (2)

This is the first time my children have ever worn Guess. I remember they were mega popular in the early 90s and it seems like they are having a huge comeback! I can still recall the little denim Guess jean skirt I wore as a child! I thought I was SO cool! Hahaha!


Here is a fun fact: ‘During the 1980s, Guess was one of the most popular brands of denim jeans. The company was one of the first companies to create designer jeans. While the first jeans were for women, a men’s line debuted in 1983′

Nate is wearing a size 4 dress shirt (can be worn with sleeves down) & really beautiful jeans in a size 5 (he has long legs). Thankfully the jeans have the adjustable waistband, inside because he has the smallest waist and longest legs, which makes it very challenging to buy him trousers! My favourite item he is wearing are his sneakers (size 30)! They have a hidden zipper on the side which makes them easy to put on and take off! And they go with everything!


Ruby is wearing a denim dress (size 6) with a pretty Guess logo on the chest. I am CRAZY about her sneakers (size 29)! How funky are they?!


Guess Kids can be found at The Dubai Mall (HERE) on the first level (opposite of the aquairium)


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