Product Review: KINN Beauty & Home

*NOT a paid post. I was sent these products as a friendly gesture for an interview I took part in*

I used to hear myself raising my voice in panic while cleaning the house!

“NATE! Stay away! These are dangerous chemicals! DON’T touch!”.

He would then ask me… “But Mommy, why are YOU touching it then? It’s dangerous Mommy”.

True that Nate, true that…

I then switched to washing my floors with vinegar and tea tree oil. And would clean every surface and window with vinegar and tea tree oil. Problem solved! But the kids aren’t such huge fans of the smell of tea tree oil. At least it’s better than using chemicals right?

Then… my e-mail/ Instagram friend whom I have never met face to face asked me to take part in an interview she was posting on her site. {HERE} is the interview I did with Sophie which feels like it was YEARS ago. Gahhh I miss my chickens and garden 🙁 She told me she would soon be launching a luxury organic skin care/home cleaning line. I was intrigued! Finally the kids would stop complaining about the smell of tea tree oil, yay!

Fast forward to 2018 and I received a parcel in the mail from Sophie! I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what was inside. I watched Sophie’s journey of starting up KINN via Instagram. The endless hard work and dedication she has put towards this company is simply inspirational! It is now thriving and will be ONE year old next month! Her products are being sold in luxury stores, winning awards and even featured in creme de la creme magazines! Congrats girl!

Now I want to talk about what I received and tell you all about KINN and why I love/support it!

KINN has been created by mother (Marie) & daughter (Sophie). What a beautiful partnership!  It is a range consisting of a selection of everyday bath and body products + home cleaning items. KINN provides luxurious certified organic skincare for you, your family and your home!

“Plant-based products for your body and your home. Soil Association COSMOS certified and non-toxic. Vegan, cruelty-free and kind to skin. Long-lasting, naturally effective and fully traceable ingredients. Made in Britain with recyclable packaging. Based on heritage aromatherapy family recipes.”

The online store is broken up into two sections: KINN body & KINN home.

“Selected to fit seamlessly into your day and evening routines whilst bringing a sumptuous and luxurious spa feeling to the home”.

I can hands down vouch for that (the quote from above)! I have been using the bath oil nearly every night after putting the kids to bed. It is the one thing I look forward to in the evening! To soak in a boiling hot bath with the scent of Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Tangerine. It relaxes me and helps me sleep better before bed. I even throw a few drops into the kids bath since they refuse to moisturize (EVER!). It really does the trick!


(my bathtub)

My skin since moving to Vienna has changed so much. At night when I am laying in bed, it feels like someone is slicing it with a razor. I know it sounds gross but that is really how it feels. It hurts and is very dry. The cold air, lack of sun and indoor heating is doing a number on it! I am always very careful what I apply to my skin and hate putting just any old cream loaded with chemicals on me (OR my kids!). I now switched to KINN Body oils (after showering or having my bath with bath oil). It is really working for me and I am so glad.

As Marie says on her site “Having a child changes you. You consider everything – what’s on their skin, what they touch, what they eat.” That is SO true!


If I skip a bath one day and shower instead, I use the KINN body wash followed by the KINN body lotion. I love love love them. The lotion is made with a delicate blend of essential oils and organic ingredients. As they always mention on their site and packaging “gentle to you and the environment”.



Now the KINN body range is not “cheap” but a little goes a long way and it really is such a treat to use. Body oil £22, bath oil £28, body lotion £18 and body wash £14. You can now buy them in sets too. Organic body and bath gift set £28 and body oil and bath oil gift set at £45.

Next up we have the cleaning line which is equally up my alley as I love to clean…I know I am a freak!

“Clean living shouldn’t stop with your skincare. These carefully created cleaning products are non-toxic and plant based.”

I absolutely cannot get ENOUGH of the bathroom cleaner. That shizz smells so good I use it to clean just about everywhere! It also happens to make our tub and sinks looking supa shiny! I think I love cleaning with these products so much because they smell so good and actually relax me! Bathroom cleaner you would usually associate with bleach and like a harsh stinging sensation in your nose! Not this cleaner! It is a calming scent of lavender and smells divine and I happily spritz it all over the place when the kids are home! Heck I even let Nate help me!


I need to order some of the kitchen cleaner because I have been…using the bathroom cleaner (£4.25) in the kitchen because I love the way it works and the smell. But I bet the kitchen cleaner would be wiser and it’s only £4.25 which I believe is reasonable! Last but not least… the washing up liquid priced at £3.50 is sooooo nice. I already enjoy washing dishes by hand but always afraid of what is inside the usual ie. Palmolive, Prill etc. And I don’t like wearing rubber gloves… so this just makes the whole experience that much nicer. I don’t have the floor wash (need to buy! It’s £5) so I throw a dollop of the washing up liquid into the mop pail when cleaning the bathroom floors it does the job.


I can safely say I am VERY pleased with both the KINN beauty line AND the KINN home line! Great job girls. You have managed to blend luxury, organic and eco friendly into one! Not many can do that! So proud of you!

I am curious if they will launch a line for little ones soon? Maybe using a little more delicate blends? I can totally see the Duchess and her (soon to be tribe of 3 babies) using these products! They are made in Britain after all and surely fit for a royal!

Check out KINN {HERE}




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  1. Dukakeen
    March 13, 2018 at 7:36 am (3 years ago)

    Finally being able to make the switch over to chemical-free, cruelty-free home cleaning.

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