Venue Review: Birthday Party @ Kindermuseum Schloss Schönbrunn

This is my very first post on a venue review in Vienna! It took me over ONE year to get my $*** together and begin blogging after such a long hiatus… but rest assured, you will be seeing A LOT more of these as I am BACK in the blogging game folks!

Ruby celebrated her 7th birthday party at the Kindermuseum Schloss Schönbrunn back in October 2017. It was a wonderful celebration and the children all enjoyed themselves.

To book was fairly straight forward. They have an English option on the site (thank God as my German is still pretty rusty) and I simply sent an email to: They even offer English parties on request! Here is the link to the site should you be interested in checking it out!

Ruby invited all the girls from her class. She had 12 children total who attended. When booking, they request for 12 children with a max of 15 (including adults).

The party commenced at 1:30pm and lasted 2.5 hours (it does seem like a long time but it went very quickly). The children all met inside the museum and were escorted to the coat room where a small table was set up with some board games to keep the children busy as the guests arrived.

Once the children were all accounted for a tour guide gathered all the children and brought them to the very fun dress up area! The girls chose different dresses (birthday girl was given the Sisi dress), then they picked out accessories like gloves, fans, necklaces! It was so cute to watch. Nate being the only boy was given the Franz Joseph outfit.

Once everyone had a costume on the tour guide was ready to give them the grand tour of the museum! The kids were guided room to room where they learned how Sisi and Franz Joseph lived. The girls loved playing with the wigs and having makeup applied.

There is an option to order a birthday cake (Sacher Torte) from the museum but we opted to bring our own. Only the best for princess Ruby! She used one of her American Girl Dolls and turned it into a glorious cake! And it was delicious (minus the fondant, I am not a fan of fondant!).

We chose the snack package from the museum for the kids as I was too stressed to prepare and transport food for 12 + children!

The museum offered “himbeer saft” which is like diluted raspberry juice free of charge. They also do table decorations, plates etc (included in the price). Funny enough (or maybe not) they changed the rule now to NOT bring your own decorations…I MAY have been the culprit for them to update this rule… I am not entirely sure. But I went a bit overboard with crystal hearts, confetti, glass milk bottles/paper straws, matching plates and party hats, wall decorations etc… OOPS!

They require a deposit ahead of time- 70 Euros (6 weeks prior to party). You then pay the rest of the balance on the day of the party.

For 11 children + one adult = 12 total the cost is 175 Euros. Additional children or adults is 19.50 Euros each (maximum number of 15 people). The hotdogs with bread/ketchup etc was 5 Euros per child.

To end the fantastic day we had a horse carriage meet us out front and take the kids for a ride around the palace grounds (I added the balloons to the carriage). It was truly magical! For the life of me I cannot remember who I wrote for the horse ride…nor can I remember the price (somewhere between 75-100 euros).

We were very happy with the service, the birthday tour guide and the overall outcome of the party.

Her birthday invites:

The goodie bags were American Girl bag charms placed in white paper bags (I drew crowns on the bags) and little name tags. Ruby also offered a tray of plastic gem rings to all her friends while they were having cake.

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