Venue Review: Bricks 4 Kidz 5th Birthday Party

LEGO obsessed Nate wanted nothing more than a LEGO/ Ninjago themed party! His wish was my command!

We found Bricks 4 Kidz in Vienna and made it happen! They offer a variety of themes (Minecraft, Star Wars, pirates and more).

Luckily I was able to communicate via e-mail in English with Jarmila and make the necessary arrangements for his party.

I ordered invites online from Etsy (just type in Ninjago invites and you will find a whole slew of them to select from). I asked the lady to change the info from English to German and it was perfect! Bricks 4 Kidz supplies invites but I did not care for them. I popped the digital file to a USB stick and had them printed at a local shop in the city near Wien Mitte.

I baked Nate his own cake as the sacher torte provided is pretty basic (by doing so the owner removed 20 euros off our bill). We did a pinata type cake so when types of sprinkly goodies came pouring out when it was cut open.

They offer 3 party packages and we opted for “The Workz” which comes with the following: party room and decorations for 3 hours, organized games, gift for the birthday child (t-shirt), invites (we didn’t use them), cake, drinks, pizza, goodie-bags and play time for 10 children.

The room was very nicely set up I must say! Colorful balloons, napkins, LEGO name tag for the birthday boy (the light board was mine).

We arrived slightly earlier with the cake and were greeted by a young boy who was working for the party that day. He was very kind and showed us the party room and helped us with the cake. Slowly the guests started arriving. Children and adults had to remove their shoes and either go barefoot or wear socks. The venue was very clean. The owner showed up shortly after and scolded me in front of the party guests. It was very embarrassing and pretty much spoiled the remainder of the party for us. A few of the parents were sticking around and she told me that I would have to pay 50 euros for a party room so the parents could stay. It was not very nice. To be fair she did write in an email very clearly that children had to be 5 and over. Two of the boys were just shy of 5 and clinging on to their fathers they didn’t want them to leave… but it was not professional how it was expressed. Especially with the amount of money we paid! The total was close to 400 euros! She is only opened on the weekends for parties and during school camps.

They had all types of games organized (really fun ideas) for the kids! But… the whole time I was sitting there feeling very uncomfortable. My parents were visiting from Canada and she did not make us feel very welcome at all. My parents went for a walk and my husband had ran out to go help find one of the late guests. During this time out of no where the owner decided it was the right time to do the birthday cake so my parents and husband missed this special moment… She did the cake BEFORE the pizza? Isn’t that so strange?

The goody bags were nothing special, little LEGO the kids made and some sweets. Nate never received his birthday t-shirt he was supposed to get! The owner was very bossy to the young boy working and it made us feel again uncomfortable. SO…with that said, would I recommend this party destination to another parent? No.

The party took place in the third district near Radetksy (they have since moved to Wien Mitte).

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