Venue Review: Zoom Children’s Museum Earth & Soil Exhibit

What do you do when it’s raining in Vienna? Hit up a museum of course!

We checked out the latest exhibit at Zoom titled “Earth & Soil” a hands on experience (for children 6-12). It will be running until June 28 so you still have time! Every Tue, Wed: 1pm, 2:30pm / Thur, Fri: 2pm, 3:30pm
Sat, Sun, public holidays and school holidays (closed on Mondays): 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm. You can book online HERE just choose the English option on the site! So easy to use!

Earth is the planet we all live on, and it also refers to the soil we all walk on. Fertile soil is especially important for people everywhere because most of the food we eat grows in it. Soil is a bustling habitat. Each square metre contains more organisms than there are people on our planet! Zoom into this wondrous world and discover the mysterious inhabitants of the soil in a series of exciting stations: study microorganisms in the lab, watch real ants working above and below the ground, help plants to sprout in the biological cycle game, knead a seed ball made of soil and seeds, or dress up as a curious soil-dweller and weave your way through the cavities and pores of the different layers of earth! Come join us at our new hands-on exhibition and find out why it is so important to treat the soil carefully and sustainable”.

Children’s entry is FREE and adults pay 6 euros. It lasted 90 minutes and it was just enough time to see everything.

It started off with an introduction. The children & accompanying adults had to gather around on the carpeted area and listen/ answer questions for about 10 minutes. If your kids do not speak German, fear not they can have someone translate for you! There were also many informative posters around the exhibit in English! Once the talk was over the kids were free to explore! Ruby & Nate went straight for the planting station! They mixed soil, sand, water, cress seeds and a sunflower seed and then formed a ball. These little balls were then placed in a brown paper bag which the kids could take home when they were ready to leave.

They had a big tractor for the kids to climb on, a microscope station, a listening room, fun little hidden treasures like the compost worms in a glass aquarium hidden behind a black curtain, ant nest with tubes so you could see where they were traveling to, some games and Ruby & Nate’s favorite…the dig out area!

Worth it? Yes for 6 euros! Would we visit again? I think one time is enough! We will be back for their craft time though!

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