Fun Find: Online Shop ‘Kids Any’

It’s been a really long time since I have touched base with any of you. I miss you all!

Let me fill you in with what has been going on in my life! For the past 3 months + I have been hiding out in our old home in UAE with the kids. Darn does it feel good to be back!!!!! Everyone is very happy here, it’s almost like we never left! UAE will always be our home!

I go out alone once a week to do one big grocery shopping haul. Whenever I leave I wear a mask and gloves. When I get back I disinfect every item in our garage with Detol spray and paper towel and slowly bring it into the house. I then run upstairs and shower and wash all my clothes. I have become rather obsessive over these steps, I want to ensure my whole family is safe. We have not interacted with the ‘outside world’ in what feels like a year. Only through social media, Zoom and What’s app. Only time will tell when it is safe and we can return to Vienna but for now I’m a happy camper in UAE!

The children have been busy poking about and helping tend to our bee hive. We also fixed up our chicken coup and for Nate’s 7th birthday we got him 4 baby chicks. Other than that it’s homeschooling and podding around the house like the rest of the world!

It gets boring some days and so when I saw a message alert in my Instagram inbox I was rather happy to open it and read it (I love to get mail like anyone else). It was Mariam Aldhaheri from KidsAny! She told me she had been trying to find me for ages (the old Mommy in Dubai). It made me smile and feel like wow people from the UAE never forgot me! Thank you!

Mariam has this really special online clothing platform for mother’s that that will have you oooing and ahhhing over the sweet collection. We clicked and I immediately agreed to collaborate with her. I wouldn’t necessarily dream of my first post in months upon months being about shopping but it’s so important for all of us to support small business at these times. We need to stick together. Mariam had a dream just like other budding entrepreneurs. Let me tell you about it…

She dreamed of creating a specialty online store with brands you cannot find in UAE. KidsAny sells medium to high-end brands each one carefully chosen by Mariam. Think of luxurious summer holidays in London, south of France perhaps even Vienna!

Mariam’s aim is to build an iconic brand and company right here in UAE for parents who like luxury but perhaps don’t want to splurge on the usual luxury prices. Can you even imagine UAE without thinking of the word luxurious?! I can hand on heart say the clothes she carries are just that!

‘KidsAny’ carries the following niche brands: ‘Little Lord & Lady’ my personal fav, Sarah Louise, Mummy Moon, Wauw Capow, Appaman, Omami Mini, Wheat, Pan Con Chocolate.

Ruby was sooo excited to ‘model’ for KidsAny. It was the first time I let her and Nate out in ages (we only drove outside of our compound). Here she is wearing Little Lord & Lady! A brand I will be buying a lot more of! It’s the perfect style and fit for a little girl who is slowly transitioning into a pre teen.It’s preppy, nice clean lines and still fun! She loved it all and that’s means a lot coming from a very fussy and opinionated 9 (soon to be 10 year old).

After a short drive to a totally empty and beautiful old fort we started to head home and stopped for some more photos in the desert. Here is Ruby wearing Little Lord & Lady from KidsAny (again). Isn’t it beautiful?

Last but not least my not so little Nate (still hard for me to believe he is now 7!). He wanted his photos in his favorite spot… the mangroves which are literally hugging our community compound. Such a magical place! Nate is wear a really cool Scandinavian brand called Wheat. Easy-to-wear brand made of beautiful organic cotton (and washes very well…I know because he wiped his dirty hands post lunch all over his T-Shirt and thankfully all the stains came out)

I hope you enjoyed this post and discovered a new online shopping store which you can add to your favorites bar! Let’s support Mariam on her new journey and wish her all the success she deserves with KidsAny!

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  1. Hamad Altuwijiry
    July 4, 2020 at 10:58 am (5 months ago)

    As being the owner of CSC SA, I have been looking for some good information related to UAE, and you blog helps me to find some good info. I appreciate your blog post~!

  2. Hamad Ali
    September 11, 2020 at 1:07 pm (3 months ago)

    Very impressive. Great article.

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