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Fun Find: Ultimate Back To School Shopping Guide!

*Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post. I was NOT paid to write this. I did it to be help busy Mom’s* You can thank me for a bit of “back to school” shopping prep! I have spent hours scouring the internet for sites that deliver within the UAE + carry the best-of-the-best school gear! I […] Read more…

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Fun Find: Alvin & The Chipmunks

In celebration of Dubai Summer Surprises, Alvin and The Chipmunks are going to be at Mall of the Emirates from July 27 – August 2 and then at City Centre Deira August 4 – 10! You can expect to see free live stage shows, meet & greet opportunities + workshops with the beloved characters. Shows will take place daily at […] Read more…


Dear Diary: Please Help Jeff Price (Pearl FM)

This is absolutely heartbreaking news! If you are a parent in Dubai, then you certainly will have heard of Pearl FM! The only children’s radio station in UAE! Jeff Price is the man that helped create the brilliant station. He was also kind enough to once invite me on a morning talk show. (Pictured above with Jeff […] Read more…


Dear Diary: Little Girls & Ear Piercing

This is a touchy subject…I know! Ruby was a sweet little baby, a mere 8 months old and I decided (on her behalf) that she should have her ears pierced. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. But… I wish I… WAITED! Shortly after Ruby was born, my best friend gifted her with […] Read more…


Fun Find: Rags to Riches Dubai

This is one of the most wonderful charities I have heard of in Dubai. Barbara Evans is the founder of Rags to Riches Dubai. It is a charity which she started 2 1/2 years ago. Barbara gathers and recycles old sheets, pillowcases and scraps of unwanted fabric and turns them into beautiful garments for poor […] Read more…


Dear Diary: Be Kind to Unkind People

While in Chicago last week the most evil thing happened to me. I can’t even describe the hate and fury that boiled up in my blood that sunny afternoon in Illinois. We were spending our last day in the states at a fashion outlet mall. The kids were thirsty and wanted to go.The next thing […] Read more…


Venue Review: American Girl Place

Ruby’s dream finally came true! This past weekend we visited the the flagship and very first American Girl Doll store in Chicago called “American Girl Place” inside the Water Tower Place. Many of you in Dubai may not know just what an “American Girl Doll” is. It is a line of 18-inch (46 cm) dolls that were […] Read more…


Good Eats: Fruity Pizza!

A perfect summer would not be complete without  juicy watermelon, cherries, strawberries & blackberries! I can’t recall where I saw this idea online, so sadly I was not the one who invented it! BUT I did give it a try and put my own spin on it. My little helper Ruby put together this pizza! It […] Read more…


Good Eats: Flour-less Brownies

Beans, beans good for your heart! The more you eat em’ the more you… Yes they just may get you gassy, but they are also GREAT for your health! This brownie recipe is hands down my FAV to make the kids. Plus SUPER easy! When I find a way to squeeze in some legumes I am a […] Read more…


Dear Diary: I love Myself Today, Not Like Yesterday!

*Please note that this post is not geared to anyone. It is simply my feelings and thoughts about myself and the general pressure to look good!* This past week I felt like the crummiest person on this planet. Worthless. I have brainwashed myself to believe I am the grossest person in Dubai/back home. I am […] Read more…


Rock Paper Scissors: My Craft Room

It’s been three years since we purchased our first family home. In those three years, I always had the intention of turning our “maids room” (what they call small rooms for hired help in Dubai) into my “girl cave/craft room”. The process slowly started in steps over two years ago. I found an antique desk […] Read more…


Venue Review: Eternel Clinic Facial

It is always very important for me to take great care of my skin and get a facial every few months. Now if only I could stick to a strict regime…rather than fall asleep putting the kids to bed each night…forgetting to wash my face and moisturize like a hot mess…I would probably look 5 […] Read more…

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