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Dear Diary: I love Myself Today, Not Like Yesterday!

*Please note that this post is not geared to anyone. It is simply my feelings and thoughts about myself and the general pressure to look good!* This past week I felt like the crummiest person on this planet. Worthless. I have brainwashed myself to believe I am the grossest person in Dubai/back home. I am […] Read more…


Rock Paper Scissors: My Craft Room

It’s been three years since we purchased our first family home. In those three years, I always had the intention of turning our “maids room” (what they call small rooms for hired help in Dubai) into my “girl cave/craft room”. The process slowly started in steps over two years ago. I found an antique desk […] Read more…


Venue Review: Eternel Clinic Facial

It is always very important for me to take great care of my skin and get a facial every few months. Now if only I could stick to a strict regime…rather than fall asleep putting the kids to bed each night…forgetting to wash my face and moisturize like a hot mess…I would probably look 5 […] Read more…

Kids Dream Car Infogrphic A3 master lowres

Fun Find: WIN a car! Bentley by Me Charity Campaign

A recent poll commissioned by the Bentley by Me campaign asked 1,000 children aged between 6 and 12 what their dream car would be like – and the results are out of this world: Bentley by Me is a new and ambitious initiative organised and run by the Care2Save Charitable Trust and Bentley Motors to raise money […] Read more…


Giveaway: James & The Giant Peach

I have a pair of tickets up for grabs for the upcoming James & The Giant Peach play!  This smash-hit show is being brought to life by the renowned theater director David woods and the award-winning company “Sell A Door”. Thursday May 12 @5pm Friday May 13 @11am + 3pm & 6pm To be in the winning, […] Read more…


Fun Find: Children’s Author Julia Johnson @Waldorf in RAK

This coming Friday, April 22nd the famed author Julia Johnson will be at the Waldorf in Ras Al Khaimah. Julia has written over a dozen stories for children, including the ‘Humpy Grumpy Camel’ series along with her latest book ‘Ubuntu, Summer of the Rhino’. To celebrate, she will be reading her stories about a very special […] Read more…


In The Press: Another Nomination Under My Belt

Thank youuuuuuu Stylist Arabia! SO much love for this nomination. I ADORE Stylist! The complimentary magazine chalked full of fantastic articles and pretty things to look at, arrived on shelves across Dubai back in 2014. The same year Nate was born! Ever since then, I have been hooked! Stylist Arabia is hosting their very first “Social Media […] Read more…


Product Review: “BeCards”

BeCards have been created by a talented father and teacher right here living in Dubai. What a caring man to come up with such a brilliant idea such as BeCards! We need more Dad’s like him that’s for sure! “A Be Card is the spark of a great conversation between parent and child” The idea behind […] Read more…

Untitled design

Dear Diary: What Are We Teaching Our Girls?

Just the other day I was invited to a “high-profile” child fashion show. I don’t want to delve into that many details and get myself into trouble and mention the brand, but I was really angry with the answers the “celebrity” provided the audience with. Which makes me wonder…WHAT are we teaching our future generation […] Read more…


Venue Review: Build A Bear Workshop!

For years and years I have been walking by the Build-A-Bear-Workshop display window at various shopping malls, but never managed to bring myself to enter the store. To be honest, I don’t even know why…I think I thought it was a silly idea? Maybe over priced and cheesy? I take ALLLLLL those thoughts back! We […] Read more…


Attending an Emirati Royal Wedding!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to attend a wedding for an Emirati princess? Sadly I cannot go into too much detail but I just want to share a few deets! To my disbelief, a lovely woman (cannot tell you who she is) invited me to attend a royal wedding with Ruby a few […] Read more…


Fun Find: Easter Egg Hunt @ Atlantis The Palm

Imagine gliding down the Rapids at Aquaventure Waterpark while hunting for 50,000 eggs along the way! Collect your eggs and take them to the Eggschange where we’ll swap them for delicious chocolate eggs. Grab your swimsuit and get ready for an egg hunt like you’ve never experienced before! Join Dubai 92’s Catboy, Aylissa and Jono […] Read more…

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