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Rock Paper Scissors: DIY Fairies in a Jar

Fairy lantern jars! The perfect nightlight for any little boy or girl! Or imagine placing these outside your garden at night? To get started, you will need the following supplies: Clear glass jar (preferably without writing on it) White tissue paper Fairy silhouette cutouts (I purchased mine on Etsy but you could also cut out […] Read more…


Rock, Paper, Scissors: “Hair Pompoms”

Pompoms are one of this years hottest trends! You can find them on everything from tops, sandals, handbags and more! I especially love them in HAIR (pigtails) So cute! Here is an easy and inexpensive tutorial to make your very own! What you Need: Yarn Thin but sturdy cardboard Pen or marker Scissors Small cup […] Read more…


Rock Paper Scissors: “The Safest DIY Cleaner”

It’s been a few months now that I have gone off using chemical formulated floor cleaners/cleaning products in my household. I watched a movie on Netflix about the dangers of all the cleaning products we use and it terrified me (it was called “The Human Experiment”). “Thousands of untested chemicals are in our everyday products, […] Read more…