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In The Press: Another Nomination Under My Belt

Thank youuuuuuu Stylist Arabia! SO much love for this nomination. I ADORE Stylist! The complimentary magazine chalked full of fantastic articles and pretty things to look at, arrived on shelves across Dubai back in 2014. The same year Nate was born! Ever since then, I have been hooked! Stylist Arabia is hosting their very first “Social Media […] Read more…


Fun Find: Bargain Find (s) of the Year!

*No this isn’t a sponsored post! Simply sharing a fabulous find with fabulous Mom’s who love to shop!* I am like a dog with my tail between my legs sharing this secret of mine! I resisted the urge to make it public, but what the heck the deals are just TOO good not to tell […] Read more…


Fun Find: Netflix is HERE!!!

I need to control my excitement here! Netflix has arrived to UAE. I honestly never thought this would happen. If you aren’t familiar with Netflix then please DO get familiar because it is AMAZING! In a nutshell it is an internet television network. It is incredibly popular in North America (US & Canada). I subscribed […] Read more…