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Ask the Doctor: Scarlet Fever!

I’d like to call myself a ‘Scarlet Fever expert’ now after both my children have had it in the last 3 months! It is becoming a more and more common illness striking Europe (again!) Scarlet fever… yes the same illness which killed so many in the Victorian Era throughout USA and Europe… In worst cases […] Read more…


Rock Paper Scissors: DIY Fairies in a Jar

Fairy lantern jars! The perfect nightlight for any little boy or girl! Or imagine placing these outside your garden at night? To get started, you will need the following supplies: Clear glass jar (preferably without writing on it) White tissue paper Fairy silhouette cutouts (I purchased mine on Etsy but you could also cut out […] Read more…


Fun Find: Boonge Hair Clips

Who doesn’t love a good collection of hair clips? Thank you Edwina (Seashells on the Palm) for putting me in touch with your friend Boonge from Korea! If you didn’t know… I have loved hair clips (especially cute ones originating from Asia) since I was a little kid. We used to live next door to […] Read more…