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Fun Find: Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival Dubai 2016!

What a joyous time for all of us “Dubaians” (or tourists visiting Dubai this coming April 2016) The countdown is ON! Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival is coming to Dubai for the very first time! Produced by Feld Entertainment (the same folks who brought Disney on Ice to UAE) Mickey and his band of friends are hosting a musical extravaganza. You […] Read more…

The first LEGO® model has been installed at LEGOLAND® Dubai

Fun Find: LEGOLAND Dubai

I am so excited to share this brand new email which just rolled into my mailbox a few minutes ago! A gigantic Red Dragon model made of more than 230,000 LEGO bricks is now set up at LEGOLAND! It is almost 4 meters long, weighing more than half a tonne! It will be one of […] Read more…

IMG_3049 (1)

Healthy Living: Turmeric

It’s been well over a year that I have heard the word “Turmeric” floating around. I remember last year having a very bad cold and bumping into a neighbor. She is a Yoga instructor and all around very healthy person. She told me to make a Turmeric tea that it would help my sore throat. […] Read more…


Fun Find: Picnic Bag Menu @PAUL

I was contacted last week by PAUL to come down and try the new picnic basket range and let you know what I think about it. I will go into detail below about my experience but I just want to flat out say I think it is a really nice option if you want to treat your […] Read more…


Dear Diary: Shopkins, Shopkins! Check ya Later!

I wonder if this craze has something to do with the fact that we cannot partake in gambling, Ie. purchasing lottery tickets or scratch tickets! Just kidding! Our household is cray cray over Shopkins. We have been busy logging Ruby’s collection on the Shopkins collector tool {HERE}. The only problem… is that she only gets them ONCE in a […] Read more…


My Cleaning Hacks!

I feel like Thomas Edison! I don’t even want to go on Google or Pinterest and find out someone already discovered these hacks. It would burst my bubble haha! I found a way to remove some wretched foam stickers that were all over Ruby’s headboard. She thought it would be a great idea to decorate with them. They were […] Read more…


Not So Fun Find: McDonald’s “Fries”

Before you stop to pick up a “Happy Meal” for your child this weekend, think twice! This information I just came across is really disturbing! I do feed my children healthy and wholesome food each and every day. But I will NOT lie to you as once in a blue moon I will stop and […] Read more…


Fun Find: Netflix is HERE!!!

I need to control my excitement here! Netflix has arrived to UAE. I honestly never thought this would happen. If you aren’t familiar with Netflix then please DO get familiar because it is AMAZING! In a nutshell it is an internet television network. It is incredibly popular in North America (US & Canada). I subscribed […] Read more…


Good Eats: Naughty Pretzel Treats (Pretzel Turtles)

One of my favourite TV shows to watch whenever I am back in North America is The Pioneer Woman (Ruby’s too). We stay up late in my Mom’s room watching it-just us girls. Over the holidays we watched an episode where Ree (the host) made very easy chocolaty pretzel treats. I told my best friend […] Read more…


Fun Find: Teach2Give – IKEA

Thank you loads IKEA UAE for kitting-out Ruby & Nate’s new playhouse with super fun soft toys for a great cause! They have already spent hours entertaining themselves and making puppet shows + plays for me:) Last December the IKEA Foundation invited children from all over the world (40 countries) to submit their dream soft toy. Ten […] Read more…


Dear Diary: Baby You Should Go & Love Yourself

This is the most painful post I have ever written. Not even my family knows I suffer from this…Today I am opening up my heart and sharing with you what is it like to live with body dysmorphia. “Body dysmorphic disorder is a type of chronic mental illness in which you can’t stop thinking about a […] Read more…


Friday Find: Instagram Follow

Check back each Friday for a “fun find”. This week I am highlighting one of my new fav Instagram accounts “Sandra K. Stewart” @SandraKStewart Her artwork is perfection! Oh so pretty, airy, feminine, soft & chic. I am IN LOVE! I am SO excited to discover that she is going to be in Dubai next week! […] Read more…


Festive Santa Initial Letters

I find inspiration from all over when it comes to craft time (who am I kidding I LOVE Pinterest). This one however, was from a post I saw a friend on Facebook share a few weeks back. She made similar letters (pictured below) with her children. I gathered whatever materials I had at home (minus the wooden […] Read more…

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