Fun Find: Tips for Driving in Fog

There is nothing more frightening than heading out for the morning school run and being trapped in fog! I was SO scared this morning, but luckily with my little navigator in the back, she helped me stay calm!

The first thing I do before pulling out of my driveway is to switch on my fog lights. They have a yellowish tinge to them (some are a clear color of light).

They look something like this (the universal symbol for fog lights can be seen in the second photo):

2 fog-light-symbol

Now I am equipped with the right lighting! Don’t forget to put on your headlights & NOT the high-beams!

The next step, is turning on your defroster. You will notice your windshield will collect a lot of moisture from the fog. It’s important to turn on the defroster and use your windshield wipers.


The last steps are to drive slowly and remain 100% focused.

Give more distance between you and the car in front than you usually would (count to 5 and that’s the perfect distance to keep in fog).

If the fog is really bad and you are struggling to see in front of you, then use the right edge of the road as a guide. And remember…deep breaths!

If you MUST and only if you MUST…pull over on the side of the road if the visibility is that bad. Then switch on your hazard lights so other drivers can see you are stopped. Put your car in park and do not press on the brake as it will confuse those behind you (thinking you are still on the road).



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