Venue Review: Birthday Party @ Haus Des Meeres

Another year, another party! We love party planning in my household!

This year Nate absolutely wanted his party at the beautiful aquarium in Vienna! And guess what folks, if your German is not 100% like mine…FEAR NOT! They have an English option on their website (yay for us!) Click {here}

The party was an absolute HIT! And not to mention a total bargain! I highly recommend it! The staff were fantastic (so patient with the children) and they had loads of activities planned for them during the 2 hours we spent there!

To start with… here is a look at Nate’s invite he chose! We found it together on Etsy. Once the digital file was sent to me, I had them printed at a local shop. We had such a laugh when we got them back. Isn’t it cute?

Goody bags were high priority on our list too! I scrambled (I enjoyed the process though) to decide on what we could make. I wanted to give something practical and that wouldn’t end up in the trash (I hope it didn’t!).

In come the fishy bags! I rummaged through my massive pile of fabric I have been hoarding (I can’t tell you how much I LOVE shopping for fabric in Dubai at Satwa). I was able to find enough fabric that would work for the girls bags and boys bags and voila! We then placed a LUSH number 6 bubble bar into each bag along with a handwritten thank you note.

Each bag was lovingly made by me (I swear I WISH I could be a party planner! I could spend hours, weeks and days doing this kind of stuff!) Once the bags were finished being sewn, I hand embroidered the first letter of every child’s name that attended the party.

Goody bags DONE! Now on to the very important CAKE! What’s a birthday without cake right?

Nate knew one thing, he wanted his cake to be full of bugs! I looked around online for some inspiration and found this site {here}. The cake was DELICIOUS! I highly recommend this recipe! To switch things up and make it more personal/our style we added a few things! Once I was finished baking the cake and letting it cool down, I used a small circular cookie cutter to cut out the center of each layer. Simply place the cookie cutter in the middle of each layer of cake and cut out a circle one by one. Leave the top layer untouched. Assemble and ice your layers are usual. When you get the to last layer fill the hallow hole with whatever you wish! We opted for orange sprinkles and plastic bugs! Finally place the last layer of cake on top and ice it (follow the link above). You then decorate it with cobwebs made out of melted marshmallows and plastic bugs/snakes! Whatever floats your boat and makes you happy!

Now it’s time to PARTY!

We arrived at 3:20pm sharp and were greeted by Belli the party host. She was excellent, I couldn’t ask for a better staff member! She gave each child a sticker to place on their shirt ( a couple of days before the party you have to send a list with all the names of the children attending the party).

The first stop was feeding the Koi fish! She gave each child food and they were invited to pet and feed the fish.

The children then had a tour of the giant aquarium and Belli shared some interesting facts with them.

As we turned the corner, she pulled out a treasure map! The party just got more exciting!

Next stop was the snakes (yikes, I really DON’T like them) but the kids were oohing and aahing!

A close look at the piranhas!

Monkey feeding time! Each child was given a live (and very big) grasshopper!

After the monkey feeding the kids stuck their hands inside another tank with tiny little fish that nibble on your fingers (it doesn’t hurt) think of those fish foot spas in Thailand, same idea!

We made a stop at the sharks and giant sea turtle to listen to more interesting facts and stories!

Last but not least it was time for presents and cake!

My ONLY complaint about the party is that there was no party room. They had two tables set up in the cafeteria. Belli showed the children a treasure chest and each child had the chance to choose from the goodies inside the box (little plastic toys, books and more).

The kids then did a quick coloring craft of a shark!

We then sang happy birthday to Nate, he blew out his candles, made a WISH and opened gifts!

I brought my own Pinata for Nate (a fish) and every child had a chance to hit it in hopes that candy would come pouring out!

We then handed out the fish bags to every child and it was time to go home!

A short and sweet party!

Please note that birthday parties at Haus Des Meeres can only take place during the week (Monday to Friday).

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative!

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    June 15, 2020 at 11:22 pm (6 months ago)

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