Review: Big Bus Tour Vienna

No matter where I travel to in the world I always enjoy doing a ‘Big Bus’ tour. It’s a great way to pack in some key points and snippets of history in a short period of time. Weather permitting, it’s also quite fun to sit up top! Prime viewpoint of the city with a bit of wind blowing in your hair.

I can’t even keep track of the amount of times we have seen the double decker bus in Vienna. Sometimes it’s while we are walking in the city other times peering out the window of our apartment as it whizzes by. It’s something my kids have wanted to do for the last three years but we were always ‘busy’.

I finally decided to make it happen! It was great that I waited too because they have a really good promotion on for the month of July/August (probably due to the lack of tourists). Children were free! We did the entire blue and red line and I only had to pay for my ticket! 24 euros! Score! Download the app on your phone as it’s cheaper to buy online (6 euros to be exact).

For 24 euros it was totally worth it! We spent a full day sitting up top on the bus. My only complaint (if I had to pay for a whole family) is that the waiting time was a bit long (60 minutes until the following bus comes to pick you up should you decide to hop off). Otherwise great value for money!

We have seen every site several times each over the last ten years visiting/living in Vienna but it was still fun to sit on the bus and take everything in as a tourist. I also learnt several new things about Vienna which I never knew before!

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